Digital Magazine for Whinchat Research and Conservation

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Content of Volume I:

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Whinchat in Austria

The situation of the Whinchat and important conservation projects in Austria.

Authors: Hans Uhl, Katharina Bergmüller & Andreas Kleewein

7 pages


Enhancing Breeding Success in North-Eastern Germany

First results with small-scale measures on organic farms in north-eastern Germany.

Authors: Frank Gottwald, Andreas Matthews, Adele Matthews & Karin Stein-Bachinger

11 pages

Whinchat Conservation in Schleswig-Holstein

A project conducted by NABU (BirdLife Germany).

Authors: Anne Evers & Jan Sohler

2 pages

Whinchat in Finland

Short contribution about the situation of the Whinchat in Finland.

Authors: Jari Korhonen & Juha Tiainen

1 page


Spring migration in Lüchow-Dannenberg

Spring migration data for the Whinchat have been collected in an agrarian area in the region of Lüchow-Dannenberg, Lower Saxony since 2003.

Author: Christoph-Siems-Wedhorn

3 pages

Situation and breeding success in Kamenz, Saxonia

A contribution to the current stock situation and to breeding success of the Whinchat in the area of Kamenz, Germany

Author: Uwe Leipert

3 pages

Conservation measures in Saxonia

Conservation measures for stabilizing a Whinchat population in the course of the ‚Saxonian
meadowbirds project‘.

Author: Christina Scheinpflug

5 pages


Artificial perches as a conservation measure

Artificial perches as a conservation measure for the Whinchat  - implementation and control of the
overstrung method in the Rotmaintal near Kulmbach, Germany.
Authors: Margarete Siering & Jürgen Feulner

5 pages

Tolerance about Woody densities, Reeds & Paths

Determination of the distance and tolerance of the Whinchat of woody densities, reeds and paths
in selected grassland bird areas in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps

Author: Margarete Siering

4 pages

Whinchat Family in Unusual Habitat

A Whinchat pair with fledglings in a spruce forest.

Author: Jürgen Feulner

2 pages


Whinchat in the Shannon Callows

Optimising conditions for breeding Whinchat  in the
Shannon Callows Special Protection Area
Authors: Aimee Gray, Alex S. Copland & Barry J. McMahon

1 page

Whinchat in Luxembourg

If you build it, they will come...Whinchat conservation projects in Luxembourg.

Author: Mikis Bastian

4 pages

Whinchat in Russia

Whinchat in the abandoned fields of the ‚Russky Sever‘ national park.

Authors: Dmitry Shitikov, Tatyana Vaytina & Stanislav Samsonov

2 pages


Whinchat in Slovenia

Whinchats on Ljubljansko barje (Slovenia) – update to report from 2015.
Author: Davorin Tome

3 pages

Whinchat on the Long Mynd, UK

RSPB has initiated a national long term study
on the causes of Whinchat decline, which will
include the Long Mynd, and the local popula-
tion monitoring project will be repeated, star-
ting in 2017.

Author: Leo Smith

2 pages

Whinchat At RSpB Geltsdale, UK

A Retrap Adult Survival (RAS) project organised
by the British Trust for Ornithology has
been running on the site since 2011

Authors: Stephen Westerberg, Amanda Proud & Martin Ketcher

2 pages


Whinchat work in the UK

This brief report gives you a review of the Whin-
chat work of some selected researchers in the UK in 2016 to 2017.
Author: Jennifer Border

5 pages

Groundwork to a Whinchat Bibliography

Groundwork for a Whinchat Bibliography. Part I: ‚Whinchat in the title‘ and ‚Whinchat in main focus‘.

Authors: Jürgen Feulner & Christoph Siems-Wedhorn

23 pages

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